1) Why are the items which I like always get sold out so fast?

This is because they are one of a kind. We do not mass produce. We will recommend our potential customers not to hesitate while making purchase.

2) I saw an item that I like last week but it’s gone now.

We usually delete that listing if it’s sold when we make our weekly update.

3) How often do you update your products on your online store?

We try to update on a weekly basis. Therefore, we will recommend customers to check out our online store for new arrivals and offers weekly. What you didn’t like now might not be the same case the following week.

4) Why buy online?

You can view a myriad of our products showcased in the comfort your home at any time, surf at your own pace. What’s not to love?

5) Why handmade costs more? 

A handmade product is more expensive because you’re buying a unique item, made by hand by an expert in their field of the best materials. Included in the making of the product is time, energy, hours of work, and – most importantly, heart. 

6) Is it safe to pay online?

Online bill paying is safe and reliable because is backed by a bank or a company that provides online banking services. Online bill paying is much safer, for example than handing a credit card to a waiter at a restaurant.

7) How can I make my purchase with confidence if I don’t get to experience the actual product before buying it?

In Bloom Selection, we will check our products before shipping. If you are planning to purchase a high ticket item, you may contact us directly for assistance.

8) How long do I have to wait for my items to be delivered after I make the order?

Usually, local delivery is within 3 working days. If you need it urgently, do contact us for special assistance. It could be from 3 days up to 2 weeks mainly depending on postal service provider on receiver’s end for international shipping. Do take into consideration of the impact to delivery due to COVID-19.

9) Can I customise my items with you if I am willing to pay more?

We strongly encourage you to select from our existing stock if possible. This is because the price of the product with customisation will be 50-100% more than normal.

10) I would like to make a bulk purchase. Will I get a better price?

For bulk purchase of more than 20 similar pieces, please contact us for a special quotation.

11) What happens when I choose to collect my purchase myself?

You can do a self pick-up at 184 Stirling Road provided at a mutually agreed date and time.

12) Can I place an item on hold for purchase at a later date?

Sorry, but we do not offer this option. This is to be fair for every customer as our products are one of a kind.

13) When can I expect new products to be listed on your website?

We are constantly updating our product range and we are doing our best to update them as soon as we can. Do look out for our posts on FaceBook and Instagram.

14) How can I provide feedback about a product?

We look forward to hearing feedback about our products. You may WhatsApp us at 97440441.

15) I need personal assistance with my order. Who can I contact?

Our Customer Service Team is happy to assist you with your order. Please WhatsApp us at (+65) 9744 0441.

16) Are your prices in Singapore Dollars (SGD)?

All pricing is in Singapore Dollars.

17) How can I track my order?

Let us know and we will provide you with the tracking ID if any.

18) Do you send to overseas?

Yes, we do to almost all parts of the world.

19) Why is payment by PayNow or PayLah highly recommended?

This is because the service provider of online credit/debit payment service charges a fairly high commission on us.



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