Bluto Pouch with Wide Base

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Our master artisan trying out for something unique! Pouch with wide base and sewing of Bluto by applique. Bluto is the villain character in Popeye the sailor man cartoon. You won't find another piece!

Pouch measures about L17 x W7 x H9 cm, quilted and lined.   It is perfect to hold your keys, cards, some hair rollers, a few small toys for your kids, a small project or any other items you would like! There is this Bluto puller by crochet to match the theme and for easy handling. 

This pouch is made from high-quality cotton by our master artisan. Thus, it's our top of the line. A layer of coat is added to repel dust and water. 

Product Care

Best to use the spray-on type fabric cleaner or dry clean. If not, you may hand wash delicately. Do a line dry after you squeeze out the water. Do not bleach or use strong detergent. Avoid wringing or twisting. No sundry. 

Size Details

L17 x W7 x H9 cm



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